How to Train a Stubborn Bulldog – With 21 Steps

how to train a stubborn bulldog


Having spent 15 years in the companionship of Bulldogs, I’ve learned a thing or two about their unique temperament and quirks. 

One trait that stands out is their stubbornness, which can be both endearing and challenging when it comes to training. 

If you’re struggling to train your Bulldog, fear not! With patience, consistency, and a deep understanding of their breed, you can unlock the secrets to successfully training your beloved Bulldog.

21 Steps to Success How to Train a Stubborn Bulldog: 

Step 1: Understand Bulldog Behavior

Educate yourself on the typical behavior traits of Bulldogs, including their stubborn nature and unique quirks.

Step 2: Start Early

Begin training your Bulldog as soon as possible to establish good habits from the start.

Step 3: Be Patient

Patience is key when training a stubborn Bulldog. Remain composed and steadfast throughout the process.

Step 4: Establish Leadership

Assert yourself as the pack leader to gain your Bulldog’s respect and obedience.

Step 5: Set Clear Rules

Establish clear boundaries and rules for your Bulldog to follow consistently.

Step 6: Use Positive Reinforcement

Reward good behavior with treats, praise, and affection to encourage your Bulldog to repeat it.

Step 7: Keep Sessions Short

Keep training sessions short and focused to prevent your Bulldog from becoming bored or overwhelmed.

Step 8: Practice Regularly

Engage in regular training sessions to reinforce obedience and strengthen the bond between you and your Bulldog.

Step 9: Be Firm but Gentle

Use a firm but gentle approach when correcting unwanted behaviors to avoid causing fear or anxiety.

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Step 10: Socialize Your Bulldog

Expose your Bulldog to various people, animals, and environments to help them become well-adjusted and confident.

Step 11: Use High-Value Treats

Use high-value treats to motivate your Bulldog and reinforce positive behavior during training sessions.

Step 12: Use Clicker Training

Consider incorporating clicker training to mark desired behaviors and enhance communication with your Bulldog.

Step 13: Teach Basic Commands

Begin by teaching fundamental commands like sit, stay, come, and heel, then advance to more complex instructions over time.

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Step 14: Be Consistent with Commands

Use consistent verbal and hand signals for each command to avoid confusing your Bulldog.

Step 15: Practice Patience

Be patient and persistent when teaching new commands, as it may take time for your Bulldog to master them.

Step 16: Address Undesirable Behaviors Promptly

Address undesirable behaviors promptly and redirect your Bulldog’s focus to more appropriate activities.

Step 17: Avoid Harsh Punishment

Avoid using harsh punishment or physical corrections, as this can damage your relationship with your Bulldog.

Step 18: Incorporate Mental Stimulation

Provide plenty of mental stimulation through interactive toys, puzzles, and games to keep your Bulldog engaged and prevent boredom.

Step 19: Practice Leash Training

Teach your Bulldog to walk politely on a leash using positive reinforcement techniques.

Step 20: Monitor Progress

Monitor your Bulldog’s progress and adjust your training methods as needed to address any challenges.

Step 21: Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you need help to make progress or encounter behavioral issues beyond your expertise, feel free to seek guidance from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About how to train a stubborn bulldog

  1. How long does it typically take to train a stubborn Bulldog?

   Training duration varies depending on the individual dog and the consistency of training efforts. Some Bulldogs may respond quickly to training, while others may require more time and patience. 

Generally, expect to see noticeable progress within a few weeks to several months of consistent training.

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  1. What are some common challenges when training a stubborn Bulldog?

   Common challenges when training a stubborn Bulldog include their strong-willed nature, tendency to test boundaries, and occasional resistance to commands. 

Additionally, Bulldogs may exhibit stubborn behaviors such as selective hearing or ignoring commands, requiring patience and persistence from the owner.

  1. What training methods work best for stubborn Bulldogs?

   Positive reinforcement techniques, such as using treats, praise, and rewards to reinforce desired behaviors, tend to be most effective with stubborn Bulldogs. 

Consistency, patience, and firm but gentle guidance are also essential components of successful training.

  1. How do I address stubborn behaviors like pulling on the leash or refusing to come when called?

   Addressing stubborn behaviors like leash pulling or ignoring recall commands requires consistent training and positive reinforcement. 

Techniques such as leash training exercises, using high-value treats to encourage compliance, and practicing recall in controlled environments can help address these challenges.

  1. Is professional training necessary for training a stubborn Bulldog?

   While many owners can successfully train their Bulldogs using consistent and positive reinforcement techniques, professional training can be beneficial, especially for addressing specific behavioral issues or challenges. 

A certified dog trainer with experience working with Bulldogs can provide tailored guidance and support to help overcome stubbornness and achieve training goals.


Training a stubborn Bulldog can be challenging, but with the right approach and mindset, it’s entirely achievable. 

By understanding their unique temperament, establishing yourself as a leader, using positive reinforcement techniques, and maintaining patience and consistency, you can unlock your Bulldog’s full potential as a well-behaved and obedient companion. 

So roll up your sleeves, arm yourself with treats and toys, and embark on this rewarding journey of training your beloved Bulldog. Happy training!

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